Top Squash Shots

In squash, there are some shots which help keep you in the rally and then there are shots which deal a killer blow to your opponents and can win you the point. These are the shots you should spend good time practising until you can execute when the time is right during a match. Let look at some of the best squash shots you should be playing:


The Drop Shot

To play a drop shot, you are looking to play the ball relatively gently aiming for just above of the front wall foul line. Preferably you should aim for the corner of the court to make it extra hard for your opponent to reach. The shot needs to be played in such a way that it ‘dies’ as quickly as possible after hitting the front wall, but not played too gently that your opponent has time to react and reach the front of the court.

The squash drop shot is a technically advanced shot to play, primarily because if the shot is not played accurately then you will set your opponent up for an easy winner. Look to play this shot when you are positioned centrally in the court and your opponents shot is bad, giving you a chance to quickly drop towards the front of the court.


Thierry Lincou Hisham Mohd Squash Shot

The Drop Volley

The drop volley is similar to the drop shot, only you are hitting the ball on the volley and really minimising the amount of time your opponent has to get into position and respond to your shot. This shot is also more technically demanding to play on the volley than after a bounce, which brings with it increased risk. A very dangerous shot nonetheless, and with practice can be deadly when the opportunity presents itself during a match.


Boast Shots

A boast shot is any shot which hits either a side wall or the back wall before hitting the front wall, and there are two variations of the boast shot:

Attacking Boast: Played when you are in front of your opponent on the court. Your shot will be aimed first at the side wall, aiming to hit the middle of the front wall. The ball should then make a second floor bounce near the other side wall. This puts your opponent on the chase, and if played correctly means they will struggle to get a clean strike on the ball against the side wall.

Defensive Boast: A less preferred shot, which should only be played when you cannot play the ball down the line. A defensive boast is a similar shot, but played when you are behind your opponent on the court and pushed into the back corner. You should aim for the ball to hit the front wall in opposite front corner and ‘die’ against the side wall. Be warned though, if not played accurately your opponent will have an easy return shot.


The Lob Shot

The lob shot can be very effective, but does carry quite a high element of risk. This shot should be played when you need to buy yourself some time and your opponent is already at the ‘T’ or further forward. Your aim here is to play the ball high and softly against the front wall, seeking to arch the ball up and over your opponent to land in either one of the back corners.

Take care not to play too hard and go out above the top court lines on the side or back wall, but also make sure you go high enough to not hand your opponent an easy overhead volley.





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