Top 10 Squash Match Tips

Here are the AllSquash Top 10 Squash Match Tips to keep in mind during your next match.


Take a read through our tips and try them out in your next match. Then re-visit this post and analyse how you think you performed on each of these points, it’s all about continuously improving different aspects of your game to get ahead.

  1. Keep your eyes on the ball –

    Don’t take your eyes off the ball, the game is played too quickly. Watch it as you play your shot, as your opponent goes to play their shot, and keep watching the ball as it goes behind you – keep your eyes on the squash ball!

  2. Hit a good length –

    Don’t leave your shots bouncing around the half court mark and sitting up nicely for a return. Send it towards the back of the court and put your opponent under pressure. Forcing your opponent to the back of the court also limits their return options.

  3. Stick to the walls –Top 10 Squash Tips

    As a rule of thumb, play your shots down the line, sticking as close as possible to the side wall. Cross court shots have their place, but they do open up all sorts of angles which brings increased risk. Down the line and to the wall will really limit your opponents return options, making them more predictable.

  4. Keep moving –

    Standing flat footed waiting for your opponents return shot is unforgiveable, and you will almost certainly be punished. Squash is all about anticipation and positioning, so you should always be moving into the best position to return your opponents shot. When already in motion you can also accelerate quicker to get around the squash court. Try some practice drills on course to work on your movement and agility.

  5. Play short after length –

    If you are looking to play a short shot to the front of the court, make a long length shot towards the back of the court first. This sends your opponent to the back of the court, giving them maximum distance to cover to reach your return.

  6. Use the corners –

    There are four corners of a squash court which should always be targeted in every shot. If you can get your shot to busy into any corner your opponent will struggle to play an aggressive return, putting you in control of the point.

  7. Stay positive –

    Squash can quickly become a very frustrating game when things aren’t going your way, but keeping a positive attitude is crucial to turning things around. Forget every bad shot and play the next point with confidence and positivity – as hard as that sounds when you are up against it!

    Dominating The T

    Credit: WikiHow

  8. Dominate the ‘T’ –

    To dominate a point you need to out-position your opponent as much as you need to out-play them. The key to this is the ‘T’ in the centre of the squash court, the dominant position for reaching all corners of the court. Return to this area after each point, and play shots which allow you to return to that zone without blocking your opponent.

  9. Volley it –

    Although more technically risky, a volleyed shot is much more aggressive and likely to win you a point if played correctly. This catches your opponent off guard and cuts down their time to reposition, putting you in the driving seat immediately. Only use when opportunity presents itself though, don’t try to overuse the volley shot and make unforced errors.

  10. Mix it up –

    Being unpredictable in your shot choice is crucial in gaining the upper hand in a rally situation. Experienced players will predict most obvious shots, so look for opportunities to mix it up and send them the wrong way, even surprise yourself once in a while!




So there you have the AllSquash Top 10 Squash Match Tips, please leave a comment below if you have any other top tips of your own





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