Play Squash & Live Longer

A new study has found that squash and other racquet sports can help you live longer, and are the most effective forms of exercise to maintain your health.


For a few years now, squash has been recognised as one of the healthiest sports around, and in a new study researchers have found racquet sports can reduce the risk of death in middle aged people by 47% compared to having a sedentary lifestyle. For purpose of comparison, swimming was found to cut risk by 28% and the popular choice of cycling just 15%, while running, football and rugby appeared to have no significant effects on reducing risks.Healthy Heart


Here at AllSquash we are hugely excited by the findings, which show that the important thing in maintaining a healthy style is not just what exercise you choose to do or how often you do it, but also the choice of activities you choose to engage in.


The health benefits of squash and similar racquet sports come from the motions you need to put your body through. Where activities like running work the legs and lungs, squash will put the whole body through a strong workout, involving the legs, arms and torso in a whole range of motions and stretches.


Get involved in Squash

Squash is also a very accessible sport for anyone to get involved in. Of course you need access to a squash court, but with over 700 squash clubs across the UK and around 150 new squash courts being built every year, locating one shouldn’t cause too much headache. Check out your local sports centres and gyms to see what’s around your area, and see how good the match costs are.


In terms of equipment you really only need a cheap squash racquet and a range of squash ball types to get started, with some non-marking court shoes if you don’t have any. We have a great hand picked selection of value squash gear in our AllSquash store.


So what are you waiting for?! Pick up a racquet and head on the court today, whatever your age or ability level, it could be the best change to your health you can make!





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