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Who says you need to have a partner to train for squash? We say you don’t have to have one! In fact, you will be able to hone your skill better while training on your own. Here we will share tips about training effectively on your own.



This is the act of focusing your mind and developing neuro pathways in the brain to hone your reaction times! The way you perform ghosting is getting out on the court and taking shots without a ball. Yes, it may feel off and look a little daft but it’s one of the best way to sharpen skills without the distraction of your squash mate.


Steady as She Goes:

Remember when your swing is supposed to be sharp and fast and when it is not. Your swing should be smooth until you are just about to make that contact with the ball. When you learn to control the speed of your swing—you will be strengthening your arm and rotary cuff which will benefit your game.

Amr Shabana Dive

Pretend your Racquet is a Dozen Eggs:

Hold your racquet as gently as you would a dozen eggs. Why? Because a death-grip on the racquet could be death to your game. Too firm of a grip disrupts the suppleness of your swing and the trajectory of the ball. Loosen it up and see what difference it makes. Pay close attention to how flexible your wrist is as well, the swing should feel natural and will build up through extra time on court.



It is easier than ever to get your squash game on and improve it alone. There is nothing worse than being stood up when you are all fired up to practice and find yourself alone! These tips will have you surprising your partner next time you hit the court together.




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