Getting SquashFit!

We’ve said it time and time again here at AllSquash, but Squash is such a physically demanding sport, in fact was rated the healthiest sport out there, and you need to be top of your fitness game to perform at your best.

On the AllSquash website you’ll already find heaps of tips on getting fit and eating right, but today we are looking at an exciting new product out there called SquashFit which we have recently stumbled across which looks at things from the other side of the coin…

How to GET FIT BY playing squash!

Maybe you no longer feel at the peak of your Squash Fitnessfitness powers? Maybe you are bored of your same old gym routine? Or maybe you just fancy trying out something new to gt fit?

Well the guys at SquashFit have put together a neat little package to help you do this for people at all levels of squash playing ability, beginners through to regular players. Instead of just focussing on how to get better at squash, they switch things up and see how you can use squash to get fit.

There are 50 circuit training cards, step-by-step instructions on using squash to get fit and a whole bunch of video guides to get you set up.

We tried everything out recently, and were honestly really impressed by the results. As squash regulars we already knew squash was great for getting a sweat on, but when you start to try out training drills and squash activities in the court with the focus on having a workout rather than just the match then it really hits the spot!

There is an option to download everything instantly or you can have the full pack shipped out to your front door, whichever you guys prefer, but we really recommend taking a look.

SquashFit LogoNow regular visitors to AllSquash will know that we very rarely promote things, especially other people’s products, so you can trust that this one is a good find and worth checking out!
Just click HERE or on the SquashFit image to the left to go take a look – there’s loads more info on their website so there’s no harm in taking a peek right?

One last note – if any of you have tried using squash fit we would love to hear your thoughts on how you found it and whether you noticed a fitness improvement from following the guides? Leave us a comment below if you have any feedback, good or bad!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to visit us at AllSquash today, where it is all about squash!




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