Dominating The ‘T’

The ‘T’ is perhaps the most fundamental of considerations to make towards your court positioning tactics, and here’s why you should be keeping the ‘T’ in your mind during your matches….Squash Court T

What is the ‘T’ and where is it?

The ‘T’ is the area formed where the middle court line meets the service line creating a capital ‘T’ shape, and is located pretty much in the dead centre of the squash court.

Why is it so important?

Due to the fast pace and high intensity of squash matchplay, positioning and anticipation are so vital in ensuring yu can:

  1. Reach your opponents shot before the ball bounces twice


  1. Arrive at the ball in a comfortable and well prepared manner, ready to play a strong return shot. You don’t want to be ‘just about making it’, as chances are you won’t make it to the next one.

So because of it’s central location on the court, being near the T when your opponent goes to play their next shot gives you a great strategic advantage. Being around the T, on your toes, anticipating where the next shot is heading, puts you in a great position to reach any place on the court quickly.

After playing your shot (see our Types of Shot article for more strategies on this), look to return quickly towards the ‘T’ area again ready for the next reply.

Having said all this, don’t get hung up on making sure you sprint to the T after every shot and get your feet on the lines, this isn’t about doing that.

This strategy is something to bear in mind as a general positioning tactic. After playing your shot, try to get somewhere around the centre of the court to make good preparations, but don’t worry if you don’t end up right on the T!

It’s much more important you keep your eyes on the game and keep anticipating where the ball is heading next, and there’s a good chance your opponent will play their next shot before you can reach the T anyway.

Dominating The T

Credit: WikiHow

Play your opponent

The days of dominating a match with power from the back of the court are long gone, so positioning is increasingly important. Remember though, that the most important thing is that your positioning is better than your opponents. If you don’t reach the T, just make sure you are in stronger positions than your opponent is reaching, hence the phrase “Dominating The T”.

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