Agility and Cone Sprint Drill

This simple but effective drill is an advanced technique used by squash coaches to focus on improving your agility on the squash court. The quick movement and rapid direction changes will reap quick rewards, so here’s how you get started…


Set up two cones at either end of the court. One should be One Metre from the back wall, and the other half a metre from the front wall.

Jog from the cone at the back wall to the one at the front. Then, when you reach the cone at the front, propel off your dominant leg and sprint back to the 1st cone. Once you reach the first cone, repeat the same process, jogging from 1 to 2, and sprinting from 2 to 1. This should be completed 30 times, with a two 1 minute breaks after completing 10. Ensure to swap which leg you propel off when beginning your sprint.

Set up 4 or 5 cones in a zigzag across the court, with each cone half a metre from the side wall. The set up should look similar to the picture below.



Zigzag from cone to cone, running as fast as you can, and touching each cone with your hand. If you are running towards the left wall, then propel off your left leg, and right leg for right wall. Once you have finished the short course, slowly jog backwards in the same way you came, and then repeat at least 10 times. This straightforward drill increases speed and agility, and will help you cover more distance in less time.



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