Squash Balls

Here we have your A-Z of Squash Ball needs, all the way from blue dot to double yellows – so whether you are a beginner or a squash veteran we have the balls for you here.


We’ve also put together a handy article comparing the different squash ball types, so if you aren’t sure what balls you should be using have a quick read first!


All the squash balls on this page is available to purchase from Amazon UK by clicking on the images.



Dunlop PRO Squash Balls
Double Yellow Dot for Advanced Players
3 Ball Multipack
The Official WSF International Competition Ball
Dunlop Squash Balls – 12 Ball Multipack
Dunlop “World’s #1 Squash Ball”
Available in Double Yellow / Single Yellow / Red / Blue Dot
12 Ball Multipack – Great choice for Squash Clubs and Gyms
Wilson Staff Single Yellow Dot Squash Balls
3 Ball Multipack Wilson Squash Balls
Single Yellow Dot
Approved to World Squash Federation Specifications
Unsquashable Squash Balls
2 Ball Multipack Squash Balls from Unsquashable
Available in Red / Single Yellow / Double Yellow Dot Options
Strong and Durable High Quality Squash Balls
Dunlop Squash Balls Variety Multipack
Pack includes Double Yellow, Single Yellow, Red and Blue Spot Balls – one of each.
Multipack suitable for players of all skill levels.
Great variety option for Squash Clubs