What’s the best squash shoe?

When out on the squash court, you really have three key weapons at your disposal which you have full control over. First is your body in terms of fitness levels, strength and flexibility. Second is the squash racquet(s) you choose to use. Thirdly (but by no means least), is your choice of squash shoes. All three are vitally important aspects of your match preparation, but today we are focusing on the third one – choosing the right squash shoe.


Your court shoes are to you, what tyres are to a formula 1 car; they are the one part of you which is in contact with the squash court floor (mostly!) and provide you with all the grip you need for the quick turning, stopping, starting and jumping which is part of any good squash match. All this before we even mention the important role they play in protecting your feet and ankles!



So we just touched on the performance benefits of wearing the right squash shoes out on court; they can give you the ability to turn, start and stop quickly when needed, while having the confidence that the shoe will not slip on the Adidas Squash Court Trainerscourt or cause pain to your feet. Having this confidence in the shoe makes a real psychological difference when faced with split second decisions in the game – they allow you to make an extra stretch or turn without hesitation, allowing you to achieve more of your physical potential. In the aspect of performance then, GRIP is the key.



Besides the performance aspects gained from wearing the right squash shoes, there are also important safety benefits to be found in a sport which is known for putting huge strain on joints and muscles. These safety gains are found from a perfectly fitting and correctly worn shoe, and this is made up of two parts. First, there needs to be a comfortable fit around the shape of the foot, without any pressure points when the foot is stretched or bent. Be prepared to allow some wearing-in time to improve the comfort, but there shouldn’t be any major rubbing here from the start. Secondly, consider the size and shape of the ankle support section. Higher ankle supports will provide better support on the ankle.

So what shoe do I need then?

Simple answer – you need the right one.


The difficult bit can be finding it. The important point for us is to try on plenty of different shoes, from different brands and make sure you give your feet a good stretch in them. Standing on your tip toes is one good test; see how much pressure you feel or any strong rubbing. Good shoes have a fairly long life, so it is well worth investing in some good ones which really fit your feet well. If you find a pair that you really love and they stand up well to a few games, we recommend buying yourself a spare pair for the future.


Checklist of things to look for:

  • Comfortable fit around your foot shape, ask in store experts for help with this.

  • Well-padded ankle support. Choose the height of support which suits your preference.

  • Very grippy sole (non-marking of course) . You can’t go wrong with the Hi-Tec classics for great grip.

  • Quality laces which stay tied up tightly. These can be fairly easily purchased separately if necessary, click here to try these laces.

  • Good style! At AllSquash we strongly back the idea that looking good, means feeling good and feeling confident, a priceless tool in gaining an extra edge on match days.




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