Top 5 Squash Mistakes

The team at AllSquash have seen enough squash matches, practice sessions and drills to have identified some common mistakes people make while playing squash. Mistakes that seem to affect everyone from the newbies through to the 3 night-a-weekers, so have a read and see if any of these ring a bell for you.

Here are our top 5 common squash mistakes you should know about:

  1. Slow Starters:

    Anyone who has played any kind of sport is likely to have experienced this at some point – not coming out of the blocks quickly enough when the match starts. The problem with this happening in squash is that before you know it your opponent has stormed off into a quick lead and could have taken the first game, before you’ve even got into your stride. Take your warm up rallies seriously to help with this, especially towards the end of the warm up so you hit the ground running from the first point.

  2. Poor court positioning:

    Here at AllSquash we can never overstate how important it is to maintain great positioning while playing squash; it is the key to dominating a point and putting your opponent on the back foot. We have talked Squash Playerbefore about dominating the ‘T’ position on court, an article worth checking out if you haven’t had a read yet. The basic point is to focus on where you are standing and moving just as much as what shots you are choosing the play. Positioning may actually be more important than the shot making, in terms of winning a rally. Remember, if you can’t get to the ball in time then it doesn’t matter how good a shot you can play.

  3. Taking your eye off the ball:

    Similar to point one, it is also quite common to see players dominate their way through a game for a few points and then let complacency creep in before they see the game out. It is amazing how often momentum can swing back in favour of the trailing opponent when they feel they have already lost the game and can really go for some high risk shots which pay off. So even if you are one point from winning the game to love, keep focussed and play just as aggressively as you have been to get to this point.

  4. Giving away points on the serve:

    This one is a real irritant for us at AllSquash! Seeing so many points literally thrown away to the opponent through a weak (or worse, out) service shot. Playing a strong serve in squash is so important to help get ahead in a rally and put yourself in a strong position to win the point. We see so many players play a serve as if it is simply a way of starting a point, a bare necessity, and they quickly get found out!

  5. Getting angry:

    Oh boy do we see this one a lot on the squash court! Shouting, screaming, yelling, racquet smashing, wall hitting, bag kicking…. you name it! Let’s be honest you see anger in most competitive sports at some point, such is the level of passion involved – but squash does seem quite special for it! And the anger is almost always directed at themselves rather than the opponent or the referee. It’s good to show some emotion in squash, it means you care about winning and is important in being competitive, but too much anger just leads to you getting frustrated at yourself, making poor choices and ultimately dropping further behind. So keep it in check, keep control of your emotions, and conduct yourself properly – it’s the right thing to do!


So those are the AllSquash top 5 mistakes commonly made in squash. We bet some of these sound familiar to you (come on, we’ve all been there!), but hopefully seeing them written down might help you think about them next time you are on court and help cut down on the mistakes.





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