Tie Your Laces!

Squash enthusiasts will often spend a great deal of money on some nice squash court shoes, but what is the point, if we aren’t wearing them correctly…?

Shoe Laces


Squash Court trainers are designed to give strong grip between the soles of your feet and the court surface, to be able to support when you are turning on a sixpence, stopping abruptly, and accelerating from standing.

It is also important that you find a pair that fit you nicely around your foot shape and ankle size, because you can have all the grip in the world; if they don’t fit you properly you will lose much of the benefit. By wearing poorly fitting court trainers you are also putting yourself at risk of ankle injury due to twisting and slipping.


Therefore our tip for today is to first make sure you find a great pair of shoes that suit your foot structure. Secondly though…




If your shoes are a good fit but you have not secured them properly, you might as well have bought any old court shoe. Tie the laces correctly gives a snug fit across the bridge of your foot and then firmly around the ankle, giving maximum support.Shoe Laces

Start by pulling the laces tightly from the bottom all the way to the top, tightening them as they pass through each eyelet. Then tie a shoelace knot at the top, keeping the laces tight all the way through, don’t let them go slack while you do part of the knot. If you let slip, please start again – it is worth a few more minutes of your time!

We also recommend double knotting them, as this keeps your knot tighter for longer, saving you having to constantly tighten them up during the match.


Honestly guys, this is a such a simple bit of advice but such an important one. Your trainers need to feel right on your feet and also need to be supporting your ankles safely. Check out our earlier post on match preparation tips for more advice on preparing for match day.




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