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So this post is for all you super keen squash fans who perhaps don’t take part in many tournaments… we’re discussing squash open tournaments, and why you should be getting involved as often as you can.

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So for those who aren’t familiar, squash open tournaments are one off tournaments open to players of all ability levels. Often some kind of quick knockout format in order to get through everybody, a tournament winner will be determined on the day – and here at AllSquash we are huge fans of these open days.


The great appeal of these open squash tournament days are that everyone is welcome and it means people get some great experience playing against some new players with different styles. Even the keenest squash players often get into a routine of regularly playing the same couple of opponents, which makes some sense, but these open days are an excellent opportunity to try out something new for the day. Playing new opponents tests your ability to react to different match situations than you may be used to, and will inevitably teach you some new ideas and ways to play.



If you are reading this as a new squash player, or perhaps even someone who has never played at all, then we also think these squash open tournament days are a great way to get into squash and give it a first try. You will be amongst a bunch of great people who all have a passion for squash, and that can only fuel your interest further. It really doesn’t matter how well you perform on the day, it’s about gaining that experience.


You can find squash open days near you easily, just have a search online to find your local squash club, or try asking at your locals gyms which have squash courts inside. There are loads of them scattered all over the country, and getting involved is a piece of cake.
So… sign yourself up, bring your A-Game and really play to win, but at the end of the day appreciate the experience you gain from playing new opponents and benchmarking your game against some fresh blood. Squash open tournament days definitely need to be part of your calendar!




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