Spotlight – Dunlop Biomimetic Elite GTS

This edition of AllSquash Spotlights features an in depth look at the Dunlop Biomimetic Elite GTS Squash Racquet.

To say the least, our in-depth AllSquash Spotlight test of the Biomimetic Elite racquet has really surprised us. First up we want to say that while we are fans of Dunlop’s squash racquet line, here at AllSquash we are unanimously big fans of Prince’s offerings. So we approached the road test of this racquet without the highest expectations.

Boy, were we impressed.

Dunlop Biomimetic Elite GTS Squash RacketFirst up, after unwrapping the racquet and removing all the added paraphernalia, we were struck by the weight. At 135g (4.7oz) it is on the lighter end of the weight scale anyway. It wasn’t just the figures though, the weight distribution between the head and the handle gives it a seemingly perfectly balanced feel as soon as you take your grip. This feature is not to be underestimated either; rallies, games and matches often go the distance, and having a racquet set up with such refined balance goes a long way in maintaining consistency in the latter stages. The balance is slightly weighted towards the handle end, giving a light weight feel to the head and allowing quicker manoeuvrability for shots.

After flicking around with a few air-shots, we took a step back and admired the finish of the racquet. The black and green styling against the white base-colour and handle leave a bold yet refined style, and in this day and age of Instagram snaps and photo filters – isn’t looking the part a crucial part of the jigsaw?

The 14 x 18 grid of silk strings cover the 77.5in2 head size, and generate some seriously impressive power. As well as having some power in a new set of strings, an important test is also in how well the strings retain their sharpness. We do find dunlop racquets to generally fair very well in this department, and the Biomimetic Elite GTS is no exception. You’ll be swinging this racquet around for a long time before you start to notice a loss of power and have to visit the re-stringers (note: also see our guide on re-stringing your own racquets here).

Dunlop Biomimetic Elite GTS Squash RacketThe premium graphite frame is fairly standard in higher-end racquets of today, but impressive nonetheless. Dunlop also make a big fuss about the MoS2 grommets fitted to the strings designed to provide you with greater potential to spin the ball and better durability in the strings.
In open play, the racquet performed well – power was very impressive and has remained strong throughout all testing. The low frame weight and slight head-light balance we mentioned earlier really did feel superb once things got competitive. The confidence the correct weight balance provides you with must be similar to an
Formula 1 car being sent out with just the perfect set-up. These tiny fractions make all the difference, especially when the heat is on. Finally, the aesthetics are very strong; an attractive frame colour and crisp white handle, together with a full racquet cover to complete the package.

Overall and very impressive offering from the guys and gals at Dunlop Squash, a racquet we highly recommend and certainly one to rival some of our favourite Prince Squash Racquets. Definitely worth giving a try if you are looking for something powerful with delightful head-light balancing.

Amazon offer the racquet and full racquet cover package deal for a great price (as they always seem to), just click here or on the product images to take you straight to their product listing page.




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