Racquets Through The Years

Squash racquets have come a long way through the years with natural evolution of construction materials, playing styles and fitness levels, and we think those racquets of yesteryear deserve a tribute for getting us to where we are now.


The original wooden style squash racquets are icons of our sports’ history, and Manta made some of the classics. With their exceedingly long handles and much smaller head sizes, they are a far cry from the modern racquets of today. The wooden material also meant the racquets weighed a lot more than today’s racquets, and also provided poorer handle/head weight balance.

The much smaller head size was so small because the relatively weak strength of the wooden frame meant the racquets couldn’t support a large head size without cracking under the pressure of hard shots. Naturally, this also means a much smaller ‘sweet spot’ in the racquet head, so consistency was even harder to achieve.

Wooden Squash Racquets

Modern Materials

Manta Classic Squash Racquet

Around the 1980’s fibreglass and aluminium farm materials allowed the racquet head shape to evolve from this
small rounded form into a much larger teardrop shape, with the new frames able to handle the force coming from the increased strains.

Manufacturers like Prince and Dunlop were market leaders with these new materials, quickly rendering the classic
wooden styles obsolete, purely on the basis that they could not compete with the new racquets for sheer power with reduced effort.

Prince Red 700 Squash Racquet



Then along came even better frame materials like carbon, titanium
and graphite; providing yet more strength and
power in the frames while at the same time drastically reducing the overall racquet weight.

The speed of the game hugely increased, as shot power was available to all skill levels and with much greater
consistency. We naturally reminisce about the retro styles of the pre-1980s squash racquets, but sadly they have no
place when matched up against the modern racquet materials and designs.

Racquets like the Prince Team Red 700 Squash Racket really push the limits of what a modern racquet is capable of, and mean that all levels of squash player can benefit from the same technology developments.



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