How To fit a new grip to squash racquet
Applying a new grip to your squash racquet handle can be a tricky task if you haven’t tried it much before, but once you get […]

How To: Fit a New Racquet Grip

Squash Court front Wall and service lines
Here are the AllSquash Top 10 Squash Match Tips to keep in mind during your next match.   Take a read through our tips and […]

Top 10 Squash Match Tips

Prince Squash Racquet
Your squash racquet is your weapon for achieving success in your matches and they should be looked after and cared for accordingly, so we want […]

Caring For Your Racquets

Jahangir Khan Squash Player
In squash circles, Jahangir Khan is widely considered to be the greatest squash player of all time and has a formidable success record to his […]

Jahangir Khan – The Greatest Ever?

Healthy Heart
A 2008 Forbes research project ranked squash as the number one sport for your overall health, but what exactly are the health benefits and where […]

Health Benefits of Squash

Nike Squash Trainers
Squash enthusiasts will often spend a great deal of money on some nice squash court shoes, but what is the point, if we aren’t wearing […]

Tie Your Laces!

If you take your squash seriously, then you need to be focussing your preparation on the full day leading up to your match, not just […]

Match Preparation

Wooden Squash Racquets
Squash racquets have come a long way through the years with natural evolution of construction materials, playing styles and fitness levels, and we think those racquets […]

Racquets Through The Years

Squash Balls
Surely the most important factor in a game of squash – the ball. We throw ourselves around a square room in chase of it, and […]

Squash Ball Types

Amr Shabana
  With the announcement from four time world champion and squash legend Amr Shabana that he is entering his retirement, we summarise the glistening career […]

Amr Shabana – Retirement of a Legend

Dominating The T
The ‘T’ is perhaps the most fundamental of considerations to make towards your court positioning tactics, and here’s why you should be keeping the ‘T’ […]

Dominating The ‘T’

There is an endless number of sports that will tell you to keep your eye on the ball. But in squash — it means some […]

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

First Aid Box
Squash might be a non-contact sport, but injuries are unfortunately fairly common place. We’ve taken a look at some of the most common injuries found […]

Common Squash Injuries

This simple but effective drill is an advanced technique used by squash coaches to focus on improving your agility on the squash court. The quick […]

Agility and Cone Sprint Drill

Squash forehand shot swing preparation
For beginner squash players, it is not uncommon to be disheartened after playing your first game. Whether you have discovered that your fitness levels aren’t […]

Squash Drills for Beginners

Squash Racquet and Case
So you have taken a first step towards getting involved in the game of squash, but what should you do next? What equipment should you buy […]

Getting into Squash