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Here you’ll find posts on squash training advice, technique and drills recommended by the AllSquash team and our experts to help improve your performance out on the court.

Squash sport health
A new study has found that squash and other racquet sports can help you live longer, and are the most effective forms of exercise to […]

Play Squash & Live Longer

These days the turning of a new year leads many of us to wonder what new activities we could be trying, particularly regarding getting into shape and burning off the festive indulgence. So […]

New Year New Sport – How To Play Squash

Mindfulness in Squash
  This week we are focussing on the use of a different sort of technique to improve your squash performances and your overall lifestyle at […]

Mindfulness and Squash

Female Squash Player on squash court
In squash, there are some shots which help keep you in the rally and then there are shots which deal a killer blow to your […]

Top Squash Shots

SquashFit Logo
We’ve said it time and time again here at AllSquash, but Squash is such a physically demanding sport, in fact was rated the healthiest sport […]

Getting SquashFit!

Squash Serve Shot
In Squash, the service is quite a straightforward shot, but a very important one in putting you in control of the rally. So how should […]

Serving in Squash

Warm up stretches
Warming up before any sport or intense exercise is crucial, and in squash it is particularly important because of the massive strains you will put […]

Warm up for Squash!

Broken squash racquet racket
Regular players of squash will know that when things aren’t going your way during match or unforced errors seem to be creeping into your game, […]

Squash – Calm Under Pressure

How To fit a new grip to squash racquet
Applying a new grip to your squash racquet handle can be a tricky task if you haven’t tried it much before, but once you get […]

How To: Fit a New Racquet Grip

Squash Court front Wall and service lines
Here are the AllSquash Top 10 Squash Match Tips to keep in mind during your next match.   Take a read through our tips and […]

Top 10 Squash Match Tips

If you take your squash seriously, then you need to be focussing your preparation on the full day leading up to your match, not just […]

Match Preparation

Squash Balls
Surely the most important factor in a game of squash – the ball. We throw ourselves around a square room in chase of it, and […]

Squash Ball Types

Dominating The T
The ‘T’ is perhaps the most fundamental of considerations to make towards your court positioning tactics, and here’s why you should be keeping the ‘T’ […]

Dominating The ‘T’

There is an endless number of sports that will tell you to keep your eye on the ball. But in squash — it means some […]

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

First Aid Box
Squash might be a non-contact sport, but injuries are unfortunately fairly common place. We’ve taken a look at some of the most common injuries found […]

Common Squash Injuries

This simple but effective drill is an advanced technique used by squash coaches to focus on improving your agility on the squash court. The quick […]

Agility and Cone Sprint Drill

Squash forehand shot swing preparation
For beginner squash players, it is not uncommon to be disheartened after playing your first game. Whether you have discovered that your fitness levels aren’t […]

Squash Drills for Beginners