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Dunlop Biomimetic Elite GTS Squash Racket
This edition of AllSquash Spotlights features an in depth look at the Dunlop Biomimetic Elite GTS Squash Racquet. To say the least, our in-depth AllSquash Spotlight […]

Spotlight – Dunlop Biomimetic Elite GTS

Squash sport health
A new study has found that squash and other racquet sports can help you live longer, and are the most effective forms of exercise to […]

Play Squash & Live Longer

Squash Racquet best sellers
The current best sellers in Squash Racquets from Amazon UK.   Just a quick click on the racquet images will take you handily through to the […]

Squash Racquet Best Sellers

These days the turning of a new year leads many of us to wonder what new activities we could be trying, particularly regarding getting into shape and burning off the festive indulgence. So […]

New Year New Sport – How To Play Squash

Mindfulness in Squash
  This week we are focussing on the use of a different sort of technique to improve your squash performances and your overall lifestyle at […]

Mindfulness and Squash

National Squash Championships
The UK National Squash Championships are returning early in the new year, and we look forward to one of the most exciting championships in years […]

National Squash Championships Preview

Nike Squash Trainers
When out on the squash court, you really have three key weapons at your disposal which you have full control over. First is your body […]

What’s the best squash shoe?

Female Squash player
So this post is for all you super keen squash fans who perhaps don’t take part in many tournaments… we’re discussing squash open tournaments, and […]

Squash Open Tournaments

Squash Player
The team at AllSquash have seen enough squash matches, practice sessions and drills to have identified some common mistakes people make while playing squash. Mistakes that seem […]

Top 5 Squash Mistakes

SquashFit Logo
We’ve said it time and time again here at AllSquash, but Squash is such a physically demanding sport, in fact was rated the healthiest sport […]

Getting SquashFit!

Sport England Squash Logo
England has the highest number of squash players in the world, but with Sport England’s recent survey indicating participation has been on a steady decline […]

Squash Participation Falling

Egypt Flag
The Egyptians are a superpower in the world of squash, with a seemingly never ending conveyer belt of top quality squash talent and dominating players […]

Egypt – A Squash Superpower!

Broken squash racquet racket
Regular players of squash will know that when things aren’t going your way during match or unforced errors seem to be creeping into your game, […]

Squash – Calm Under Pressure

Squash Back The Bid Tokyo 2020 Olympics WSF PSA
This week Squash was again snubbed a place in the Olympics, after a confident bid to take part in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games. Our […]

Tokyo 2020 – Squash Snubbed Again

Steak and Vegetable meal for high protein
Any intense squash match (or workout session) puts immense strain on your body, from your muscles and heart rate to your blood pressure and immune […]

Post Squash Match Recovery

How To fit a new grip to squash racquet
Applying a new grip to your squash racquet handle can be a tricky task if you haven’t tried it much before, but once you get […]

How To: Fit a New Racquet Grip

Prince Squash Racquet
Your squash racquet is your weapon for achieving success in your matches and they should be looked after and cared for accordingly, so we want […]

Caring For Your Racquets

Jahangir Khan Squash Player
In squash circles, Jahangir Khan is widely considered to be the greatest squash player of all time and has a formidable success record to his […]

Jahangir Khan – The Greatest Ever?